We’re continuing our countdown of the World’s Top 50 Marathons —  Part III. Discover the exotic and scenic marathons that can take you on new, exciting journeys!

40. Cradle Mountain Run

Based in Tasmania, Cradle Mountain Run spans over a day where participants traverse the famous Cradle Mt to Lake St. Clair Overland track. The run is known for its memorable views of wild alpine areas in Cradle Mt Lake St Clair National Park, a World Heritage area. In several areas of the plateau, the altitude reaches over 1000 meters. Although this may not be a high altitude by global standards, it offers crystal clear views above the treeline.

An estimated 80 km course, the run is limited to 60 runners per event. Mutual help is encouraged in this run as the hills are quite steep and mud and underbrush can make running challenging. Minimum requirements include being 18 years or older on race day. Participants are also required to complete a previous Cradle Run within the last three years or meet their criteria for competing in various race types. Check out their website to learn more about the entry process, gear requirements and logistics!


39. Australian Outback Marathon

Thanks to its stunning scenery, the Australian Outback Marathon offers one of the most surreal running views in the world. It takes participants past the iconic Uluru rock in the outback. The event offers a full and half marathon. An 11km and 6km options are also available for those who want to work their way up to marathon status. 

There is a full description of the running route online. One thing runners should know is that the trail’s topography is very flat, with few inclines throughout the course. There are also a couple of short sand dunes that can feel challenging, but the views at their peak make the effort worthwhile. Check out more details about the 8-hour run through the exotic desert landscape.


38. Gold Coast Marathon

Scheduled for July 2-3, 2022, the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon is a worthwhile adventure for those looking for a good time in Queensland, Australia. The world-class, international marathon attracts participants of all ages and abilities from across the globe. They offer a variety of marathons, including the CPL Wheelchair 10km, the Gold Coast Airport 5km Fun Run, Health and Wellbeing Queensland 4km Junior Dash and more! It is considered the pinnacle of road running events in the country and it has become one of the most prestigious marathons in the world. The flat and scenic course is located along the city’s renowned and pristine beaches. Set in the winter, the city’s renowned surf beaches offer ideal running conditions with low humidity and mild temperatures, allowing 60% of participants to achieve a personal best running score.


37. Bermuda Triangle Challenge

The Bermuda Marathon may sound small, but it’s big on scenery. For over 45 years, runners have traveled to Bermuda in January to run in the tropical weather. The Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge offers a variety of racing options. Participants can choose from a 10k walk/run to a one-mile race. For the truly adventurous, there are also half-marathon and marathon challenges. 

The newly redesigned PwC Bermuda Marathon course is IAAF certified and also a Boston Qualifier and lets participants take a tour of the spacious island. The run kicks off in the Royal Naval Qualifier and completes in downtown Hamilton. These races feature entertainment on the course and many water and aid stations, and the half and full marathons feature Rum stops. 


36. Trans Atlas Marathon

Dedicated runners understand that there are numerous spectacular running routes to explore. The Trans Atlas Marathon is one race shouldn’t be missed. The difference between the Trans Atlas Marathon compared to others is its scale. It features an immeasurable sense of intimacy and connection with the people who live in the spectacular scenery through which participants run. 

The High Atlas Mountains offer natural beauty that is untouched and undeveloped, retaining an authentic beauty that takes viewers back to natural times. The community of Trans Atlas runners not only undergo some of the toughest running challenges in the world but they will also form bonds with a small group that can enjoy the intensity of the workouts and the natural beauty.