About Dylan Taylor


Dylan Taylor

Chairman & CEO
Voyager Space Holdings

Dylan Taylor is a dedicated weekend athlete, runner, hiker, and triathlon competitor. Developing his passion for triathlon and running in 2012 at the age of 41, Dylan has since completed three Ironman triathlons (twice in Florida and once in Santa Rosa, California) and one half Ironman competition. He has also participated in seven marathons and dozens of half marathons, in addition to numerous shorter 10K and 5K races. 

Dylan’s interest in training for races and triathlons was inspired by the challenge of friendly competition against others and also against himself to achieve a personal best and keep on improving. In addition, the sport has helped him stay healthy and mentally grounded, while also fostering a strong mental discipline, resilience and a can-do spirit.

Dylan Taylor currently trains six days a week on Denver’s scenic running trails and in Colorado’s High Country. A fierce competitor, Dylan always try and podiums for his age group at every weekend warrior race, achieving that goal more often than not.

Connect with Dylan Taylor and read his blog to learn more about his passion for training and competing as a weekend warrior athlete.

Full professional bio available at www.dylantaylor.org