Becoming a legend doesn’t happen overnight. Particularly in the realm of triathletes, the uphill journey to becoming a world-renowned name is fraught with blood, sweat and tears (in no particular order). 

For Mr. ‘No Limits’ Lionel Sanders, this arduous battle has been hard fought. Today, Sanders is one of the most recognized and respected triathletes ever competed on the long-distance circuit. But Sanders’ life hasn’t always been littered with triathlon championships and victories.

Before his career as a triathlete, Sanders battled addiction—an experience he now draws upon to inspire and encourage others. From his championed platform, he frequently sends the message that recovery is not only achievable but can be a stepping stone for incredible self-reinvention.

As a native of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Sanders competed in his first post-recovery Ironman at Louisville in 2010. Since then, he has gone on to win one world title, four Ironman wins, and 29 Half Ironman wins, proving that it’s never too late to revisit the starting line. 

Sanders’ career officially began in 2013, when the 25-year-old topped the podium in his professional debut at the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka. From there, he continued in the sport, finishing first in three subsequent Half Ironman races in 2014. Later that year, he’d take on his first full Ironman in Florida, where he ultimately claimed a debut victory. 

After his early victories, Sanders proved to the world that he was a determined champion. In 2015, he claimed five half-distance wins, a full distance first and finished 14th in his first appearance at the World Championship Ironman in Kona, Hawaii. After that race, the World Championship title became his prized target, toward which he worked relentlessly for years. 

As Sanders pushed to shave monumental minutes from his World Championship title, he never slowed down as he claimed countless prizes along the way. Winning half-distance races in countries around the world, he’s tested his mettle against triathlete champions worldwide. In 2017, Sanders competed in seven triathlon races, bringing home five overall wins and two silver medals, confirming his dominance in the sport. 

2018 and 2019 brought ten more wins to Sanders’ overall count as he pressed forward toward his goal. He rounded out his golden decade by securing four more half-distance dominations before the racing world temporarily shuttered amidst the pandemic in 2020.

Since then, Sanders has dedicated his training to conquering full-distance triathlons but hasn’t shown any signs of giving up his place at the top of the half-distance pack. In 2021, he claimed first in half-distance races at Texas and St. George. After securing silver in three more Ironman races that year, he solidified his spot in both the 2021 and 2022 World Championships—where he took second place (for the second time in his career) in the former. 

While Lionel Sanders has yet to win the coveted Ironman World Championship title, there are few doubts that this relentless triathlete will eventually meet his ultimate goal. Sanders has shown no signs of backing down through a career wrought with slip-ups, training errors, and close finishes. 

What’s even more admirable than his triathletic ability is Sanders’ graciousness for the sport and the competitors he fiercely races against. Even in defeat, Sanders is the first to commend other athletes on their efforts, wins and inspiration, exclamations that are tirelessly echoed by both the athletes and fans of the sport. 

Whether Lionel Sanders is able to claim the coveted gold at the 2022 Ironman World Championship is a hotly discussed topic in the triathlon universe. Despite the roster of incredibly talented competitors this race (and those to come in the future) promises, it can be said without a doubt that all eyes are on Mr “No Limits” Lionel Sanders as we watch him push toward the prize that’s motivated him to build one of the most impressive careers in the sports’ history.